AI Technology

Security & Privacy

We build human-centric solutions that improve working conditions while maintaining operator privacy. 

No facial-recognition

We focus on aggregated metrics and holistic outcomes, not individual operators.

No biometric data collection

Absolutely zero collection, use, or storage of biometric data. 

Automatic face blurring

One easy click to blur operators without affecting AI performance.

Data Security

your data is secure

No data leaks, ever. All data is stored on edge without leaving the factory firewalls to ensure your cybersecurity.

Our on-premise solution maximizes info security and minimizes IT overhead. 

On-Site Storage

Unleash the power of our NVIDIA-powered AI chipset and synchronized depth-sensing cameras.

no additional bandwidth

No overhead with all video processing and storage (up to 3 months and 2TB per device) done on the edge.

easy deployment

Get a holistic view of plant floor activities by integrating workforce movement data with your PLC / MES datasets.

Invisible AI Edge Device (black box with 3D camera and Invisible AI logo)

we operate with the highest standards,
protocols, and safeguards

Complete Encryption
AI employs robust encryption measures to safeguard customer data, ensuring that every attribute is encrypted within the application using the 256-bit key size of the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm.
Internal teams and external third-party vendors conduct regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of the IAI network infrastructure to ensure comprehensive security evaluation.
Data Backups & Recovery
AI has a robust Disaster Recovery Plan encompassing emergency and non-emergency situations to ensure uninterrupted customer support.
Authorization & Authentication
IAI offers role-based security access with SAML SSO support. Customers can establish distinct authentication requirements for different user groups.  IAI also allows users to choose authentication types based on geographical or organizational variances.
IAI employees undergo annual security awwareness training to stay updated on significant security threats, including IAI’s network infrastructure and supporting resources. The training program is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure its effectiveness in addressing current and future organizational needs.