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Read our latest blog post about our past work in self-driving and our future in Industry 4.0. Click here.

Our AI-enabled cameras track body posture and movement to give operators real-time feedback in their cell

Invisible AI's platform is a digital tool to error-proof your manufacturing processes that doesn't interrupt any operations. We work with operators directly and provide them full transparency to improve operations from the ground up.

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The following demo for a radiator process was deployed in 5 minutes using only 2 examples

Built with simplicity in mind to get you quality improvements quickly

Our computer vision platform is simple to use and deploys fully on-premise with no integration issues

No coding. No lead time. No IT issues.

No Code Platform

Our end-to-end platform uses a simple web dashboard to monitor processes without any engineering expertise

Edge Compute

Our cameras have built-in processing and storage, and require zero bandwidth for streaming video data

Fast Deployments

Our proprietary AI platform only needs a few examples to start automated monitoring, getting you the ROI quickly

Built-in Privacy

No video data ever reaches the cloud and no facial data is ever used by our platform, making us an operator friendly tool

Stop wasting time

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