Invisible ai for

Supercharge your workforce and empower your team to maximize overall labor effectiveness with
Invisible AI.

full visibility

Literally visualize
your entire facility

Our 3D edge devices track the movement of both your workforce and machinery to give you comprehensive visibility into your plant operations.

advanced hardware

Invisible AI’s devices are equipped with 3D cameras and a built-in AI chipset, allowing you to create a digital twin of your plant.

human motion tracking

Our technology accurately tracks human movement, giving you access to previously unavailable workforce performance data.

machine system integrations

Combine workforce performance data with existing manufacturing execution systems for complete visibility into your operations.

improve overall labor effectiveness

Reduce downtime and improve throughput

Make 1 Supervisor feel like 10

View cycle times, throughput, and wait time with intuitive graphics linked to video. Alert key operators to real-time issues anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Straightforward Defect Traceability

Our precision search tools allows operators to search any metric in our system (product number, plc signal, shift, etc) and will pull up all associated videos for easy root-cause analysis.

Quickly Identify Downtime

Get notified of line stoppages and andon pulls, then pull up video footage for streamlined root-cause analysis and quick correction.

“We expect 3-5x ROI on each AI edge device in efficiency gains alone. Every minute of downtime we prevent saves us $1k...since we’re constantly reworking lines for new products, these gains will be recurring.”

Plant Manager

Automotive oem

level up your workforce

create industrial athletes with computer vision & AI

access aI coaching

Our AI Coach makes smart recommendations to help you improve your operators’ performance, from line balancing to layout optimization to missed step detection.

standardize reporting

Save time and energy with our Shift Management Reports, Yamazumi Charts, and Station Audits. Spend less time on paperwork, and more on optimization.

promote a culture of learning

Compare videos of the same or subsequent workstations side-by-side, and share best practices with your team. Give your operators a voice with video playback.

information you want, when you want it

now and later
Set ‘Gold Standards’
Our intuitive AI learns best practices quickly with <5 examples.
get proactive
Customize Alerts
Notify the right people at the right time to proactively address potential issues.
for operators & supervisors
Access on the Floor
Access Invisible AI’s dashboards and video feeds on both tablet and desktop.