Invisible ai for
safety teams

Proactively address potential hazards and promote a safety-conscious culture with our manufacturing vision platform.


Musculoskeletal INJURIES are expensive and preventable

MSDs are the leading cause of suffering in the workplace.
Now is the time to take preventative action.  


Musculoskeletal injuries
occur every year


Direct cost of Musculoskeletal
Disorders per year

$45 - $54B

Estimated total costs of
musculoskeletal disorders per year


Unprecedented ergonomics monitoring, at scale

Track 17 Human Body Joints

Our sensors track 17 human body joints in
3D, allowing you to proactively monitor ergonomics and categorize human movement with extreme precision. 

Remotely Audit Any Process

Fill out customizable safety reports while watching real-time or recorded videos of any cycle on any station or assembly line.

Configure Custom Settings

Configure settings to define and monitor any type of bend or reach relevant to your business. Our AI Coach will detect unsafe movements and automatically alert you.

Streamline Root-Cause Analysis

If a safety incident occurs, use our precision search to pull video evidence of exactly what happened. Save and download videos for future use.

“Invisible AI is not only helping us find opportunities for improvement on the assembly lines, but we’re also constantly finding new use cases for their technology such as ergonomics analysis to proactively prevent injuries.”

Advanced Technology Engineer

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Training & Compliance Made Simple

On demand footage
Video Playback
See exactly what's happening on the floor to ensure safety compliance.
save for later
Download & Favorite
Save videos of good and bad cycles for training purposes.
In depth Analytics
Advanced Reporting
Identify stations with increased safety risks and make proactive adjustments.