Invisible ai for
Continuous Improvement

Identify and complete Kaizen events more effectively than ever with Invisible AI’s manufacturing vision platform.

small team, big impact

get more done
with less

Our AI edge devices have eliminated the need for manual data collection, so you can spend your time more efficiently instead of standing on the line with a stopwatch.

conduct ai time studies

Invisible AI analyzes and breaks down cycles into work, wait, pick, walk, stand, and unknown categories for advanced analysis and line balancing.

advanced traceability

Search by product number, station, or any tracked variable to see the lifecycle of a product in your plant. Review footage to identify the root-cause of delays, downtime, and more.

analyze outlier cycles

Our AI algorithms identify and flag outlier cycles based on your golden examples. Detect micro-stops, missed steps, and downtime to proactively identify and address bottlenecks.

faster time-to-value

quickly implement changes and iterate

get instant feedback

View cycle times, throughput, and wait time with intuitive graphics linked to video. Alert key operators to real-time issues anytime, anywhere, and on any device

conduct before & After comparisons

Invisible AI breaks down cycle and wait times to help you understand exactly what’s happening on the floor. Our AI Coach then makes smart suggestions to improve productivity.

perform advanced analysis

Define a gold standard against which every cycle will be measured, and Invisible AI will automatically alert you if a cycle runs beyond acceptable thresholds.

“Production line downtime is expensive, especially during the final assembly stages. By recognizing bottleneck locations and the underlying reasons for them, we can increase uptime and throughput, and ultimately revenue.”

Plant Manager

enterprise automotive oem

getting started is simple

Vision Systems Engineers
On-Site Experts
Ensure smooth onboarding and partner with your team to identify quick wins. 
Quick Time-To-Value
Fast Deployment
Up and running in days with no coding or extensive IT resources needed.
Easy to Scale
Our scalable infrastructure allows you to deploy and connect 1 device or 1000.