Easy to install hardware backed by a powerful software platform

Invisible AI's end-to-end solution can begin tracking any manual assembly process within hours

No Code Platform

Our platform uses a simple web dashboard to configure an edge AI camera without any engineering expertise

Fast Deployments

Our proprietary AI platform only needs a few examples to start automated monitoring, getting you the ROI quickly

Private & Secure

Our cameras have built-in processing and storage, and do not upload any data to the cloud (i.e. no high bandwidth usage)

Our AI platform keeps an eye on assembly operations and delivers actionable insights to all key stakeholders


Invisible AI's platform works with operators to help signal when steps have been missed, are out of order or the pace is off from target cycle times


Managers can use the platform to easily view all flagged cycles and quickly identify root causes of assembly errors and inefficiencies


Invisible AI delivers continuous time and automated time & motion studies to easily optimize analyze and improve operations without any bias


Executives can leverage the newfound ability to track all assembly work in order to reduce bottlenecks and improve the bottom line quickly

Invisible AI generates a high return on investment by improving quality, performance and operational efficiency

Quality — Minimize rework or scrap by informing line workers if they missed any steps

Productivity — Conduct automated time & motion studies to analyze workstations and full lines

Training — Train line operators faster using an AI coach to provide real-time feedback

Traceability — Reduce time spent on root-cause by searching across all cameras using the product ID

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