Unlock new insights and savings

Use Invisible AI’s platform to revolutionize the subjective and costly manual tracking process

Invisible AI’s intelligent cameras bring the power of self driving cars to your production floors

Invisible AI camera
1 Terabyte storage

Large storage to store video locally for 30+ days, ensuring data and security.

Built-in AI chipset

Smart device with no extra coding or data expertise required. Minimal latency.

Camera 100% On Edge

Enables real-time analytics and alerts without the overhead for cloud or high bandwidth requirements.

Easy to use

Takes minutes to install and comes with powerful software suites that can be updated remotely.


Invisible AI's end-to-end solution can begin tracking any manual work without any coding or engineering expertise

Only a few examples needed to train AI and deployable within minutes. Real-time reports to provide necessary metrics that are wanted by different stakeholders.
Cybersecurity ensured on edge without leaving factory firewall. Privacy protection for workers including face blurring when appropriate. No facial recognition.
Scalable across the factories with low infrastructure requirement. Easy to manage and integrate with most existing enterprise software.

Continuously improve operation productivity & safety with data analytics on standardized work and walk-wait times tracking.

Time & motion
study accuracy
margin of error
Invisible AI app screenshot with man  working on assembly line
DIGITAL Poka yoke

Accelerate mistake-proof operations with the detection of common simple mistakes in real-time.

Error detection
hours saved in
worker time

Provide clear visibility on all manual work operations by tracking individual body joints.

hours of supervisor resources saved by supporting comprehensive training

Assist monitoring of safety measures by tracking human behavior and ergonomics in real-time.

Safety record for operators in the workplace
Privacy By Design

We advocate for operator privacy, as much as safety in the workplace

We strive to deliver human-centric solutions that improve the working condition, as well as ensure the privacy of workers.
Tracked workers on soft drink production line
No Facial Recognition

Guaranteed 100% no use of facial recognition; aggregated metrics are all that matters.

Auto Face Blurring

One easy click to blur the faces of operators without affecting the AI performance.

No data leaks

All data is stored on edge without leaving the factory firewalls to ensure your cybersecurity.

How can my company test if Invisible AI’s platform is applicable to our operations?
We provide a proof-of-value pilot program. You can choose an assembly line and record some footages of the operations using GoPros. And we can run a test and provide the results at a lower cost. If you decide to scale more cameras to the floor, your spending in pilot program will roll into the actual subscription fee. Start pilot program today and contact us for more specific instructions.
Do we have to subscribe to all these apps or do we get to choose the ones that are useful to our operations?
You can start with however many apps that work for you by your choice. Once you are ready to try out more apps later, no extra installation or update will be needed, just take one click to install new software.
How much do you charge for your products?
Our pricing model contains a one-time fee for hardware and a subscription fee for software. We also offer discounts in tiers for large numbers of installations. Please contact us for more pricing information.
Is cloud-based application also available?
We can run our application on cloud. However, we don’t recommend running our apps on cloud because we have seen many customers having problems scaling due to high overhead cost in cloud. Our software is integratible with Azure and AWS.
Is there any excessive data labeling involved?
No, there isn’t. As we mentioned, we strike to offer simple solutions for customers that make their work productive. As such, we designed our algorithm to be accurate using only 3-5 examples, and we made sure labeling steps is easy enough so that it only takes a few minutes to label each station.