Optimize assembly lines with computer vision

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence technologies for Industry 4.0 at low risk
Key Industries
Medical Devices
Heavy Equipment
industry 4.0

Manufacturing industries face massive challenges as they plan for the next decade

Manufacturing industry has been extremely competitive across the globe, resulting in the urgent need to transform the business with Industry 4.0.
Customer Expectations
Customer demands are at all-time-high and additional challenges are faced in response to the COVID-19 impacts.
Labor Concerns
Skill gaps and labor shortages continue to grow in manufacturing industries, while new technologies provide insufficient short-term impact.
Scalability Issues
While implementng new technology, there are risks for privacy and cybersecurity, and complications in adopting to new platforms.

Make your next strategic move with Invisible AI

Transform your business with Invisible AI’s solutions and benefit from the advantages of our system while rolling out industry 4.0 technology.
Immediate impact

Easy to set up, install and maintain. No coding expertise, special training, or 3rd parties required.

Quality Output

Help reduce variability in operations, resulting in significant improvement in product quality

Respect for workers

Our  solution will augment workers,  not replace them. Success depends upon mutual respect.

scalable at low risk

Our solutions are easily scalable across the factories with no overhead in cloud or bandwidth.

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Our results

We drive returns for customers by focusing on metrics that matter

Faster Root Cause
Save 1,000s of hours of human capital expense, and resolve quality & manufacturing issues faster
Continuous Kaizen
Save 1,000s of hours wasted on manual data collection, and conduct faster continuous improvement cycles
Higher Quality
Reduce scrap and rework costs by preventing errors at the source, and save 100s of hours in wasted worker time
Improved Training
Save 100s of hours of supervisorresources, and reduce defects as a resultof the comprehensive training
future roadmap

Stay tuned for our roadmap for manufacturing offerings

invisible ai video camera in front of tablet showings stats
Ergonomics Analysis
Identify and flag any high-stress postures or motions in real-time.
Barcode Detection
Monitor barcode tracking and facilitate inventory management.
Trajectory-Based Steps
Monitor and show the perfomance of trajectory-based steps
Enterprise APIs
Allow integrations with other enterprise software to provide seamless experience.

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