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About Invisible AI

Invisible AI, founded in 2018 in the San Francisco Bay Area, offers a computer vision platform to reduce manufacturing costs associated with manual assembly errors. Our edge-based AI-enabled cameras track body posture and movement to help complete the story of what is happening on an assembly line to prevent any mistakes. We have raised just over $4M in our seed round. Our main offices are located in San Francisco, CA, Ann Arbor, MI and expanding into Austin, TX.
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Recent Projects Include:

1. Architecting a modular application with concepts like OOP/OOD, concurrent programming and shared memory using modern C++

2. Profiling a C++ application, identifying computational bottlenecks and suggesting resolutions for the same

3. Identifying problems with Inter-process communication interactions between two independent applications.

4. Identifying GPU resource consumption by different deep learning algorithms and managing their run-time load distribution

An Ideal Candidate Would:

1. Have worked with C++ for 5+ years in a Linux/Unix environment

2. Have the ability to quickly hit the ground running and build/own all the on-device software

3. Have the ability to optimize C/C++ for hardware, including experience with: (1) tools like Valgrind, Google Orbit, Gprof for C++ applications, and (2) compilers like g++ and nvcc

4. Have experience with concurrent programming including: (1) experience with CUDA or GPU programming in general like using OpenCL or GPGPU, and (2) experience with multi-threading, thread pooling, scheduling, real-time threads

5. Have experience with debugging complex C++ issues, including memory leaks, race conditions, thread safety, deadlocks and more

6. Have familiarity with computer vision and/or deep learning algorithms and pipelines

7. Have familiarity with scripting languages like Python/Bash

8. Be passionate about AI and is ready to take risks in a fast-paced startup environment


1. Competitive compensation and equity packages

2. Health, vision and dental insurance

3. Flexible vacation schedule

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